2013 — New Projects, New Promise

Pink Lemonade Diary by Juliette Hill

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I always enjoy the start of a new year, as it holds a world of possibilities for new projects and new goals for success.  This year in particular, I’m so excited about many prospects for creative writing projects as well as the completion of several that I began in 2012.

This new year, 2013, is getting off to a roaring start!  Many of my reviewers have commented that my stories are enjoyable but end to soon.  Expanding plot lines and developing multi-layered relationships are two aspects of my writing style that I’ll be concentrating on this year.  My intention is to write longer stories that will be even more satisfying to my readers.

I’ve almost completed my newest holiday romance, “Finding Christmas Love,” which embodies these improvements.  This love story revolves around the fate of a family-owned Christmas tree farm which was inspired by my love of the picturesque Vermont country side with it’s quaint towns and villages.

A new project in the works which I’m truly excited about is a collaborative effort with my publisher, Annie Acorn.  We’ll be bringing you a series of Charlotte Kent Romances!  Working with Annie on this is a great honor!  The Eastern Shore of Maryland provides the setting for the first story in the series.

Additionally, I will complete my first mystery/romance, which will possibly become a new series.  The story revolves around the central character, a young widow of a law enforcement professional, who enjoys interior design work and treasure/bargain hunting.  Soon after the death of her husband, she become involved in solving a cold case mystery which leads to adventure and romance.

The Pink Lemonade Memories Series will continue this year!  The second book takes Vicki Gray, her family and her best friend, Jess, on a fun-filled summer cruise as they all celebrate Vicki’s fourteenth birthday!  Vicki’s Great Aunt Mary will have some surprises for the family as the series progresses.  My short story, Two Beaux for Christmas, based on the series, provides a quick glimpse into Vicki’s winter break and holiday adventures with her friends and family.

Also in the works this year is Lilac Drive, a contemporary romance series.   Set in a small beachfront community with one main artery of shoppes and businesses, its owners and visitors providing plenty of inspirational romantic stories and enthralling adventures.

I plan to update, revise and expand some of my readers’ favorite stories of the last year, specifically, The Christmas Spirit of Starlight Cove and Christmas Shoppe Magic.  Each of these included characters that my readers wanted to learn more about.  Revised editions will fill in some back-story providing further insight into their lives!  Additionally, both of these stories have inspired related works, which will take several characters on an extended adventure and project one of them forward to a bright future.

There you have it –a glimpse into what the future holds for me, Juliette Hill!  Thanks to all again for your wonderful support and encouragement in 2012!  I look forward to all of your comments and thoughts on my works in 2013!

Happy Reading!



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