Pink Lemonade Memories Series

Pink Lemonade Diary coverWelcome, Readers!  I’d like to tell you about my Middle Grade/Young Adult Pink Lemonade Memories series.

Growing up, the youngest child of two Southern-born parents, I heard many wonderful and heartwarming tales of special summer memories from their youth.  They also created many special summertime memories for me and my sister which included some of their families’ Southern traditions, passed down through the generations.  Times spent with extended family such as aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and dear friends sharing wisdom and celebrating life, left a lasting impression on me.  One that I would like to pass on to my readers in this series through the eyes of my main character, 13-year-old Victoria Gray.  The series chronicles her discovery of the value of family traditions and multi-generational wisdom as she navigates through the 21st Century life of a teen.

Vicki, as her friends call her, is a tech-savvy Manhattan teen living in a pre-war apartment building, with her parents Cassie and Max Gray, her pet dog, a Pom-Chi named Cinnamon, and Siamese cat named Spice.

Vicki’s mother Cassie has fond memories of warm summer days lying under the Magnolia trees sipping pink lemonade at her Aunt Mary’s cottage on one of Georgia’s barrier islands.  Both Cassie and Max are college professors who want their daughter to have a chance to experience some of these same  childhood pleasures with her Southern relatives.

Join Vicki on her unplanned summer excursion to her Great Aunt Mary’s cottage in coastal Georgia, where she learns about living a simpler way of life and experiences unexpected adventures, joys and lessons.

Many books and stories are planned for this series which will follow Vicki throughout her teenage years into adulthood.

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