South Carolina’s Low Country Yields High Literary Inspiration!

Love’s Surprise (Captain’s Point Stories Book 4) by Charlotte Kent

Also available in the UK, on NOOK, Kobo and iTunes!

Captain’s Point Stories Box Set by Charlotte Kent

Also available on iTunes, KOBO, for NOOK and in the UK!

0606142039aAs my husband and I embarked upon the first leg of our annual vacation trek, 2014, to our beloved Florida, we decided to do something different this year.  What, you ask, could that possibly be?  To make the journey a destination-rich experience in and of itself!

First stop – picturesque Beaufort, South Carolina!  Already steeped in literary and movie-making history, this town truly delivered on all thing quenticentally associated with the region’s Low Country traditions.  We arrived at our historic bed and breakfast, the Rhett House Inn just in time for arrival champagne and the nightly dessert service.

As we sat on a comfortable settee, sipped from our refreshing glasses of bubbly on the majestic wrap-around porch, and were surrounded by hundred-year-old trees draped with Spanish moss, the atmoshpere and ambiance of our environment swept my mind away to a different era, to one of historical significance, remarkable ideals and stories from the past. 0607141008a

The gentle, warm breezes soothed my tension-filled soul and immediately lulled me into a relaxed frame of mind, renewing my creative juices, encouraging them to flow as they have for many writers before me.

Romantic tales of Southern ladies and gentlemen filled my head thus challanging my creative talents to complete the many stories that my imagination demands be told. Always a romantic at heart, my visit to South Carolina’s Low Country, short as it was, will inspire my writing for many years to come!

Happy Travels,


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