New Year’s Resolutions = Action Items for 2014!

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Turning New Year’s resolutions and goals into action items is my top priority for 2014!  I always have a long list of New Year’s resolutions every year.  This year, I want to make them happen.  All the put-off resolutions from previous years have moved to the forefront, and I’m committed to accomplishing each and every one with the help of my blog.

You may be wondering, how does my blog factor into tackling my New Year’s resolutions. Well, one resolution is to blog more…so, I think that can be done by blogging to document my progress on some major goals.

First, I love vintage objects–finding them, learning more about them and imagining stories centered around their particular history or qualities.  Each month, I’ll blog about a different vintage find that I’ve discovered during my “treasure hunting” expeditions.   Whether it be at a flea market, an antique store, a re-purposing store, or picked up while traveling, I’ll let you know where I found it and what interesting information I’ve uncovered about it.  This might even include a connection to some aspect of my family’s history, which brings me to my second major goal for 2014 – researching and documenting my family history and my husband’s family history.

My husband’s mother’s family has Italian ancestry and immigrated to the United States around the late nineteenth or early twentieth centuries, while his father’s parents were born in Ireland.  Both my parents grew up in the South, and I’ve begun researching my mother’s family from Georgia and my father’s family from Mississippi.  My father’s sister was also very interested in family history and published several books on the subject.

Researching and documenting family history brings me to goal/resolution #3, memorializing my findings in a series of scrapbooks.   Years of mementos from my life, plus fabulous and interesting finds from cleaning out my parents’ house will be included.  Just how many scrapbooks this project will take, I don’t really know at this point.  I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I told you that I probably have over one hundred boxes, bags and bins waiting for my perusal.  Now is the time!  I’m motivated, and I’ll keep my blog followers updated on all my progress.  What seems like a daunting but worthwhile task will go a lot quicker and be a lot easier if I share it with you!

This leads me to goal/resolution #4, the last that I will share with you at this juncture.  I think these are more than enough to fill my plate and occupy any spare time that I’ll have from writing, editing, reading and reviewing.  Goal/resolution #4 synthesizes the three others by providing inspiration for writing new compelling characters and story lines rooted in my signature theme of generations teaching each other how to love, how to laugh, and how to cry, as we navigate the paths and crossroads that are the essence of our lives.

Join me on my year-long trek to tackle these major goals and resolutions that will enrich my life and hopefully yours as well!

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