Networking — Time Well Spent!

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This past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity of attending an event that allowed me to network with friends and colleagues, and also make new connections in the field.

I attended a fabulous writers’ symposium sponsored by the Historic Medley District, Inc. in Poolesville, Maryland.  Fellow author and friend Melissa Foster was a guest speaker on the subject of self publishing!

I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to meet Melissa and hear her speak in person!  It was a real honor.  I’m also proud to be a member of the World Literary Cafe as well as her Facebook group, Melissa Foster’s Awesome Support Team!, #GoTeamPIF.

I attended with author Beverly J. Crawford and met other fantastic authors like Lisa V. Proulx, Paul A. Stankus and Mary E. Kingsley!  It was such a wonderful opportunity to connect with local writers and learn about their work!

Several of those in attendance had written books about local Montgomery County history.  One of them, Margaret Coleman, has specifically highlighted the history of nearby Barnesville, Maryland and its connection to the Revolutionary War in her books.

I can’t wait to attend another event hosted by the Historic Medley District, Inc.!

Happy Networking!



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