A Taste of Love

A Taste of Love (Juliette Hill’s Shorts Book 1) by Juliette Hill

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In honor of my Valentine’s Day release, A Taste of Love, a sweet, contemporary romance centered around two young chefs struggling to open a New York City restaurant on, (um, you guessed it,) Valentine’s Day, this blog post explores different expressions of love.

As the old saying goes, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  In my own life, as in my writing, I have found that to be oh so true.  My husband and I always enjoy celebrating this special day with a romantic dinner for two, which always includes chocolate-covered strawberries and select other confections symbolizing “the tastes of love.”

This year, we went one step further and chose to stay in and create a delight of a menu together to signify our deepening culinary connection, as do the chefs in my story.  We worked together to replicate Annie Acorn’s special Valentine’s Day menu!

Since I usually do most of the cooking, for my husband to actually participate in the meal preparation was a welcome treat, not to mention a very romantic gesture.  Cooking together was refreshing and exciting, reminding me of the time when he last cooked for me, a delectable meal of steak and baked potatoes, courtesy of his parents’ toaster oven, when we were dating thirty years ago.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, which can be experienced any time of year, I encourage you try out Annie’s special recipes and feel the love!  Then pick up my latest release and let the sparks fly!

Wishing you Happy Cooking and a Taste of Love!

As always,


Pen & Ink 2014 (Pen & Ink Writers’ Resources) Edited by Annie Acorn

Also available for Nook, on Kobo and iTunes!

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